Condo vs House

Condo vs House

For the HOA board to choose not to become HUD/FHA approved is not looking out for the complex’s and/or the individual owner’s best interest. The HOA board should be reminded that at some point in time – Every Single Owner in the Entire Complex Will Want To Sell Their Condominium! The ability to offer FHA Insured Mortgages just makes selling easer.

Water damage is not one of those items that can be pushed down the list of “to do's”. If not taken care of properly, it can and often will not only drain your bank account, but leave you or a family member in the hospital! I have heard stories from other adjustor's that have dealt with a home owner renovating their home. Once a wall was taken out for the renovation, mold that had been growing in a contained environment for 2 years was now open to the family's air source. Think of a mold inspection like going to the doctors, a lot of the times we don't want to. Nobody wants to hear bad news, but you can't fix the problem if you aren't aware that a problem exists.

1. Condominiums usually have an elected board of directors who take charge of scheduling maintenance, paying common bills, and handling any disputes that arise. Of course, in a duplex condo there are only two owners. This creates some special questions on how the governing board will be structured. Will there be a representative from each unit on the board? Check to be sure this is written in the condo documents.

An additional advantage to a Manila condo is the locale. Many condo builders build in the heart of big urban centers, not too far from main streets or business facilities. The average condo is located within walking distance of important facilities, like laundry washing services and eating places. The easy access of condo units to fiscal and business facilities also indicates that they make an ideal living space for workers.

A Small Chihuahua can develop into spoiled unless they obtain kind and consistent discipline. If they may be getting problems studying, this can be particularly accurate. By nature, a small Chihuahua features a light, lithe body, so it may easily race out of sight before its owner is ready to react.

Prior to checking out the condos and lofts that are currently on the market in your area, it is important to understand certain terminology that can be used to describe the residences. A hard loft denotes a building which would have originally been used as a traditional warehouse or other such commercial property and which has now been converted into living spaces. Such dwellings have a unique charm and character that is somewhat lacking from newly constructed buildings. A hard loft is likely to have numerous eye catching features that can add to the overall allure.